BuildR 2.0 Announcement

I’d like to officially announce that BuildR 2.x is in production!
I’m currently building a new version from the ground up. Over the years I’ve received some amazing feedback from you guys and while I’ve strived and successfully added a lot of your requests, there is a lot that can be added that was either just a lot of work or just impossible with the current BuildR code architecture.

BuildR started out as a way to generate simple buildings to fill your levels. I didn’t want to just create square buildings like some programs, I wanted complex shapes supported. Over the years – and it’s been over three already! – interiors, stairwells, custom windows, Substance textures, runtime generation, and many more things were added. But I’ve now reached the point where we need to start again, picking the best bits of BuildR 1.x and creating something that can support some of the things you’ve requested over the years.

Here is a list that I’m committed to doing. They may not all appear in 2.x but I currently have no reason to believe these won’t make the final build.

  • Curved facades
  • Interior generation including walls, doors
  • Overhanging sections
  • Overhanging roofs
  • Deep support for custom geometry
  • Strong support for procedural runtime generation

I’ve been on the store for over 5 years now and a Unity developer for much longer so there are many things I would like to implement for this. There will also be significantly tighter integration with the Unity editor, expect a lot more drag and dropping and simple ways to create buildings.

Price wise it’s probably going to be a $100 asset with an upgrade path from 1.x for about $10 though I’m still weighing all these options right now and this could change. ETA is maybe an early beta by the end of August for people who want to try it out and test it for me. Hit me up on my email with your BuildR invoice number if you’re interested.

3.12 Camera Path Animator Release

iconA few major changes added in this release. It’s using MonoBehaviours now as a base so serialisation in Unity is better supported along with prefabs.
I’ve optimised the NearestPoint function in CameraPath so that it can take extremely long paths with ease.

  • Fixed serialisation issues so prefabs, duplication and copy pasting are now supported
  • Fixed NearestPoint function so it’s optimised and ready for 2D work with extremly long paths
  • Fixed CPEPlayerPathFollow so it’s more robust with looping paths
  • Fixed sliders – they work like hot butter now
  • Added 2D Demo

DocuMaker Released

iconDocuMaker is a free asset that will help you create simple HTML documentation from your C# classes. I created it recently to assist me in generating said documentation for my other assets on the Asset Store and decided that it would be a nice simple asset to release to the store for free.

I hope that it will help a few people out there who need to create web documentation for their work. I personally had a shot at some of the other things already available but found them frustratingly user unfriendly and opaque. In less time I bashed this out to the simple specifications I had. The HTML it produces is very open to applying your own stylesheet and the code is all open source (obviously!)

Get it on the Unity Asset Store here.

Track BuildR 1.1 Released

icon2I have recently released the latest version of Track BuildR which has been christened the “Stunt Update“. This version comes with support to create circuits with loops, jumps and twists after rebuilding the track cant implementation.
It also includes Substance texture support, FBX, OBJ and XML export, track extrusion and some minor bug fixes. I’m very proud of the fact that Track BuildR since release has had only one bug!
The update did come at a slight cost – 1.0 tracks are not supported… With the new undo system that Unity 4.3 implemented along with the hell that is using ScriptableObjects, I needed to change the base implementation of Track BuildR to Monobehaviour. The problem is it breaks backward compatibility… I do have a plan for users needing the upgrade. It involves exporting the 1.0 track to XML (with some re) and importing it into a fresh 1.1 track. This method was used to bring the Spa Francorchamps track to 1.1 and it’s pretty easy.
I hope it’s well received! You can check out videosdemos and further information.

3.04 Camera Path Animator Release

iconPatches are starting to slow down now after the initial release. Feedback from customers has been very positive so I think this version is proving a success!


  • Added XML import and export to options tab
  • Added explicit point placement into inspector
  • Fixed issues with two point paths
  • Fixed issues with the orientation of the preview window
  • Fixed event trigger issues, rebuilt so it’s more robust