BuildR 2 – Facade Designs

Facade Library
A visual library of all the facade designs in the Unity project.
Base Facade Pattern
The base facade pattern represents the main pattern for the facade design. You can define the size of the pattern grid and drag and drop wall sections into the grid squares. The pattern will repeat as it is increased.
Pattern Width
The width of the facade design grid.
Pattern Height
The height of the facade design grid.
Ground Floor Pattern
The ground floor pattern is a sub pattern within the design. It is used when the facade design has a specific pattern for the ground floor that does not repeat further up the facade design. This would most likely be for shops or building entrances which will not be desired on any floor except the lowest one.
Pattern Anchor The anchor defines where the pattern should generate from. Some facade designs would like to be centred and symmetrical so that entrances are in the middle of a wall. Others are aligned to a specific side.
String Course
The string course is a distinct section of facade wall that is usually raised from the main surface. They usually define the floor of a building and break up the surface of the facade. These are repeated on each floor across the facade.
The height of the brick extrusion.
The depth of the extrusion outwards.
The position of the string course vertically on the floor.
The surface texture to be used.

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