BuildR 2 – Gable Designs

Gable designs can be applied to a specific facade of a volume. They will render the facade above the parapet wall with the user design. A gable design is made up of five types of shape; Horizontal, Vertical, Diagonal, Concave and Convex. With these shapes it’s possible to create most designs we see from a simple “Crow Stepped” through to more elaborate Dutch variants. BuildR Gable designs are saved into the Assets/BuildR2/Gables folder. To create a new one go to the menu bar and click on Tools > BuildR > Create New Gable Design

Name your gable design.
Specify a surface to use to texture your gable.
Gable Segments
The number of segments used when generating curved sections
Gable Parts
A Gable Design is made up of Gable Parts which define the shape using five variations; Horizontal, Vertical, Diagonal, Concave and Convex. The parts are given a relative size value and then rendered from bottom to top.
Add Part
Add a new part to the Gable Design
Part X
Which of the five shapes does this part generate
A section that generates horizontally towards the center.
A section that generates vertically upwards
A section that generates diagonally towards the apex of the gable design
An arc that generates upwards towards the apex of the gable design
An arc that generates inwards towards the apex of the gable design
The relative size of the gable part. This may be a single dimension or two dimensional depending on the type of part.
Insert a new gable design after this one in the list.
Delete this gable part
A preview of the gable design.

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