BuildR 2 – Version Log

2.033 12th April 2017
Fixed issue simple mesh UVs on curved facade
Fixed issue with gap appearing between elevator shafts and ceiling
Fixed UVs on internal walls with doors and stairwells

2.032 11th April 2017
Fixed issue with UVs not generating accurate distances
Fixed issue with UVs on untiled surfaces not generating correctly
Fixed header text unreadability in Personal skin. Now white

2.031 10th April 2017
Removed editor log of “regenerate” when building mesh regenerates
Removed references to UnityEditor in Fullmesh and ColliderPart

2.03 7th April 2017
Work gone into facade design UX. There is now a list of facades within the inspector under facades
Fixed issue with generating part roof and some interior colliders when turned off
Fixed issue with room windows and doors not generating when they did not directly share points
Fixed issue with room windows and doors not generating with accuracy
Building.numberOfPlans has been depreciated and replaced with Building.numberOfVolumes

2.02 5th April 2017
Added Simple building generation mode to create a building with one draw call
Fixed issue with collider generating in the wrong place
Fixed issue with undo not grouping all undo operations on regenerate
Fixed issue with stairwell generating roof access incorrectly

2.01 29th March 2017
Pre release patch
Handles illegal volumes better
Collider generation added
Added cloning volumes on top of each other

2.0 17th March 2017
Initial release.
BuildR has been going for 4 years now and it’s evolved from just a basic external building generator through to having interiors, basements, roofs and many more features.
Over the years there have been some requests that were just not possible.
The BuildR 2 set about to change that.
It has been a complete ground up rebuild and re-architecture of the extension.

As of the release we have the following new features.
Curved facades.
Interior room creation.
Gabled facades.
Overhanging volumes.

As always I am always receptive of feedback and the more requests for certain features will make it more likely they’ll be in the next update.
I’m super excited to relaunch this product that is very close to my heart.

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