BuildR 2 – Volumes

Add New Volume
These buttons deal with the creation of new volumes in the building.
Add Above Selected
Will create a new volume that occupies the space above the currently selected volume
Place Square Volume
 Create a new unattached volume for the building by placing a square plot.
Plot Rectangle Volume
Create an unattached volume by marking out two corners of the plot and creating a volume that matches them.
Free Draw Volume
Create a volume by marking out each corner of the shape. When there is more than two points there will be a green dot that can be clicked to complete the shape and create the volume.
Generate Volume From Floorplan
Will take the created floorplan and generate a volume to encapsulate it.
A list of the volumes within the selected building. Each volume is selectable and will open out further options below.
Editing Volume
Defines the currently selected volume by name allowing you to rename if needed.
These buttons control modification of the points that make up the volume.
Add Point
Add a new point to the volume. Clicking this will allow you to click on a place on the walls of the selected volume to create the new point.
Link Points
Link two points together so that they occupy the same footprint. Useful for making sure that vertically adjacent volumes are linked when you edit them along with merging walls of neighbouring volumes to create more complex shapes.
Delink Points
Delink points that were linked as above.
Remove Point
Delete a point from this volume.
These buttons control manipulation of the walls of a selected volume.
Curve Wall
Click on this to bring up selectable walls in the scene view. You can click on any of the buttons placed at the lower center of each wall to create a curved facade.
Create an extrusion of a wall, adding two points and transforming them outward.
Extrude New Volume
Create an extrusion from a wall as a new volume, linking the connected points.
These buttons control the manipulation of the volume itself.
Link the values of two volumes together. This will affect floor height and number of
Unlink the link created as above.
Delete the selected volume.
Number of Floors
The number of floors this volume has.
Floor Height
The height each floor is in this volume.
Facade Wall Unit Minimum Width
The minimum width of a wall section piece. This value is used to divide the facades out into a grid along with floor count.
Plan is External
Is the plan external like a courtyard.
Plan Points
A list of all the plan points and coordinates.
Delete Point
Delete a specific point.
Render Facade
Toggle a specific facade should be rendered.

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