BuildR 2 – Quickstart

To start using BuildR you can create your first building by going to the Unity menu bar and selecting Tools > BuildR > Create New Building.



This will create a new BuildR building instance in your scene that you can edit. Unity will automatically select this new building for you, otherwise you can find it in your hierarchy view called “New BuildR Building”.

When selected, click on “Place Square Volume” in the inspector window. In the scene view you will now see an outline of a square building plan, you can click and place this wherever you want it. You now have more options in the inspector to edit your building. Locate “Number of Floors” and increase the value up to 4.
The building in your scene will automatically update. Now, with your building remaining selected, open up the folder BuildR2 / Facades in the project view. Drag one of the facade designs there onto one of the facades of your building.

Finally, click on the roof tab in the BuildR inspector and change “Type” from “Flat” to “Mansard” and assign surfaces to the three surface fields lower down. You have now made a simple BuildR building in under 5 minutes!

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