BuildR 2 – Create a Building

To create a new BuildR building, click on the menu bar
Tools > BuildR > Create New Building.

You will then get the volume editor of building in your inspector. There will be three choices to create the initial volume of your building.
Place Square Volume you to move your mouse in scene to a place where you want to have your building. There will be a blue square to mark the position and size of the square. Clicking will create the volume of your building.

Plot Rectangle Volume you to create a non square shape volume. You will initially have to click on the ground to mark the first corner of the volume. There will be a small blue marker dot to identify where this will actually be. Once clicked you can now move your mouse to update the volume shape. Once you’re happy, click again and the new volume will be created.

Free Draw Volume you to plot each corner of a volume. Simply click where you want each point to be. The first point will turn green when there are more than two points to make a valid volume. Clicking this green dot will complete and create the volume. If you have already created an interior floor plan, you can also click on ​Build Volume From Floorplan
​ to generate a volume that would encapsulate said floorplan.

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