BuildR Change Log

1.1 – 17 February 2014

ADDED Substance support
ADDED Basements
ADDED Staircase generation
ADDED Custom window mesh placement
ADDED Foundation colliders and textures
ADDED Texture/Facade/Roof design export and import
ADDED Collider generation to support interiors
ADDED Constrain generated building floorplan by area
FIXED Moved to new Unity undo system for 4.3
FIXED Mesh export position incorrect
FIXED Foundation generation
FIXED export texture issues
FIXED generate mode textures not updating when changing texture pack

1.01 – October 22nd 2013

FIXED Export textures
FIXED Unreadable textures

1.0 – October 18th 2013

ADDED interior generation
ADDED building core generation
ADDED Runtime generation example
Building materials streamlined to reduce drawcalls
FIXED Shader menu for 4.2 version
FIXED XML Import/Export bug

0.91 – August 14th 2013

Added constraining the generate mode to a floorplan of the users design
Added floorplan centering
Added floorplan grid snapping
FIXED Low Detail roof texture bug
FIXED Detail errors appearing for some buildings

0.9 – August 1st 2013

NEW – Building Details – add additional/custom models to buildings
One click building generation options expanded
65K+ models supported
Unity 3.5 support dropped

0.8 – July 10 2013

One click building generation (beta)
Low Detail model generation performance significantly improved
In editor building generation improvements
GUI Overhaul

0.7 – June 19 2013
Complex facades and doors
Core optimisations
Beast lightmapping compatibility
Better tangent generation

0.6 – April 23 2013
Export buildings to FBX now available!
Export simple building colliders
Can export to a prefab now
Export GUI/Function improved
Floorplan volume editing can now merge and split volumes
Toggle wireframe display in editor mode
Minor bugfixes and changes

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