BuildR Process

The BuildR Process

processdiagram BuildR follows a specific process that allows you to control how your building will be generated.
To begin with, you create a floorplan which will act as the base layout of your building. You have many options to create some fairly complex shapes.
Once the floorplan is created, you can define a library of textures to use on your building. BuildR comes packaged with some basic textures but you are free to allocate your own.
You can then move on to using those textures in the designs you create for the facades and roofs of your building. BuildR allows you to create a library of designs that you can apply to the building itself.
With the created facade and roof designs, you can then go about applying them to your building in the Building section.
Once you have created and applied your designs, you can export your model and use it in your scenes or elsewhere.

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