BuildR Interiors


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Render Interior of Building – default off. When checked, the interior controls are unlocked.

Cull All Building Bays – when checked no window/door opening back faces are rendered. Useful if you’re using models for your building or you want to generate a skeletal building.

Floor Height – Height of the building floor.

Selected Volume – The selected volume to apply the following interior settings to.

Generate Stairs – generate a basic staircase for access to all building volume floors.

Access to Roof – should the stairwell continue up to the roof giving the used access to the roof. Only available for the flat roof style.

Stair Type – Stepped stairwells have all the steps rendered. Flat stairwells have simple ramps saving on polys

Stair Width – The width of the stairwell. Measured both in stair width and landing width.

Minimum Stair Rider Value – the minimum height of a single step.

Stairwell Textures – apply specific textures defined in the BuildR texture tab.

Basement Floors – select the number of basement floors this building has.

Selected Floor Interior Textures – select a floor to apply the following textures to. Textures are applied per floor though there are buttons to apply these values to all the floors in this volume and the entire building.

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