BuildR Roofs



Add New Roof Design – add a new roof design to the BuildR library.
Dropdown – select the roof design you want to edit.
Delete – delete the selected roof design from the library.
Name – name the selected roof design.
Style Dropdown – select the type of roof you want to use (flat, mansard, barrel, gabled, hipped, leanto, steepled, sawtooth).
Height – the height of the roof.
Base Depth – the depth inwards of the base of the roof – used for the floor of mansard style roofs.
Top Depth – the depth of the roof surface – used for mansard style roofs.
Has Parapet – does the roof have a parapet.
Parapet Width – the size of the parapet.
Parapet Front Depth – the amount the parapet sticks out form the building.
Parapet Back Depth – the amount the roof recedes into the building.
Has Dormers – does the roof have dormers.
Dormer Width, Height – the basic dimensions of the dormers.
Dormer Roof Height – the roof height of the dormer to make it peaked.
Dormer Minimum Spacing – the minimum space between dormers.
Dormer Height Ratio – the position of the dormer from top to bottom of the roof.
Texture Surface – the selected roof surface to modify the texture on.
Selected Texture – the texture applied to the selected roof surface.
Flip 90° – is the texture flipped.

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