BuildR Terminology

Column – the wall section adjacent horizontally to a facade window.
Cross – the wall section that connects columns and rows.
Dormer – a window opening at roof level.
Facade – the face of a building wall.
Floorplan – the outline of the building walls.
Gabled – a roof where one or more sides meet a gable end.
Hipped – a roof where all sides slope downwards.
Leanto – a roof where the roof surface is sloped in one direction
Mansard – a flat roof with a sloped front maximising internal attic space.
OBJ – a universally accepted open file format for 3D models.
Parapet – a low wall at the top of a building.
Quoin – decorative corner elements added to buildings.
Row – the wall section adjacent vertically to a facade window.
Volume – a defined 3D space that creates the building.
Wall – a defined wall that makes up a facade.

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