BuildR FAQ

Where can I get BuildR?
BuildR is available on the Unity Asset Store.

What version does BuildR work with?
4.6 and 5.0x.

Do I need Unity Pro to use this asset?
No, it works with both Indie and Pro.

What does BuildR do?
BuildR allows you to design and create building models within Unity without the need of a 3D modelling program or modellers. It’s not capable of replacing these awesome people or programs though! High detail models which contain a lot of details or bespoke and unconventional architecture is outside BuildR’s scope. It will allow you to create simple to moderately complex buildings with ease, very useful for filling cities with models in particular styles.

Can I use code to create buildings at runtime?
At the moment there is no official support for this. In the future I will be turning my attention to this and will provide documentation, work flows and functionality geared towards using it in the runtime environment and for editor based procedural generation. Currently it’s perfectly okay to use the generated buildings in runtime as BuildR doesn’t run anything itself, although it will take up more memory than a lone model.

I have a cool idea/suggestion you need to add to BuildR
Awesome! The more requests I get for specific functionality, the more likely it will be realised.

Will BuildR generate interiors?

Do I get full source code?
Yes. Source code is provided.

What licenses does this fall under?
The package itself conforms to the standard Unity Asset Store license so you can use the code and models that you produce in any project, commercial or private, freely. The packaged textures fall under the license and can therefore only be used on a BuildR building. For more information, see here.

How much does it cost?

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