BuildR Quickstart Guide

To get started, go to Unity3D Menu > GameObject > Create New BuildR Building
This creates a new building gameobject in your scene – select this.
The menu allows you to start making a building by creating the start of your floorplan.
Start by selecting “Start floorplan with basic square”.
In the scene view you’ll see a blue highlighted square follow your mouse – click anywhere.
This creates a simple square floorplan layout to start your building.
You’re notice the BuildR menu is now in edit mode with floorplan selected.
Floorplan allows you to modify the plan of your building.
Textures allows you to define a library of textures to use within BuildR.
Facades lets you create facade desgins to later apply to your building.
Roofs gives you the option to create roof designs.
Building is where you can apply the facade and roof designs to your building, wall by wall, floor by floor
Options allows you to change the render settings like detail level and foundation size
Export menu gives you the option to export your creation as a complete model
Generate Mode is a one click building generator mode allowing you to constrain the design to your choosing

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