Camera Path Animator

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Camera Path Animator gives you the ability to animate a camera or any GameObject in Unity along a path. It is the perfect tool for animating the camera in cutscenes along a Bezier spline.

You can edit and preview everything within the editor and avoid having to run your scene after every tweak. The package gives you all the tools to build, edit a path, and preview your animation within the editor.

You are given full control over the path, how the curves should behave (or even no curve at all), how the animation eases and how long it takes to complete.

  • Built specifically for animating cutscene cameras
  • Can be used to animate any gameobjects
  • Full source code included
  • Easy to use
  • Custom built into the Unity editor
  • Many animation modes; once, loop, reverse, reverse loop, ping pong
  • Many control modes; user rotation controlled, follow the path, follow a target, mouse look, reverse follow the path
  • Includes complete event system to communicate with your game
  • Mobile ready
  • PlayMaker compatible

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