Camera Path 2.x FAQ

Where can I get Camera Path?
Camera Path version 3.0 is available on the Unity Asset Store to purchase for $35.

Does Camera Path animate the camera at a controlled speed?
Yes it can. By default Camera Path will normalise your curve so it moves at a constant rate through the animation. You have the option to turn this off in the editor.

Can I use Camera Path to animate anything in my scene?
Yes! Camera Path was originally created to animate cameras for cut scenes. It can be used to animate any gameobject in your scene.

What language is Camera Path written in?
C#. There are currently no plans to port this to Javascript though I have included an example script in the package that  shows how you can communicate with Camera Path with Javascript.

Why don’t I just use a simple spline script to animate my camera?
The spline scripts available online deal with moving an object through a scene but don’t really tackle rotations and are somewhat cumbersome to use. Camera Path gives you full control of your animation. It allows for multiple modes to control rotation and gives you the ability to preview your animation within the editor so you don’t have to play through that cutscene every time. It’s all wrapped up within a custom built editor so there’s no need to look at code.

How much can I do with this without code?
Take a look at the demo to see what I did using Camera Path without writing a single line of code. With Camera Path you can control all aspects of your animation from within the editor like following other gameobjects, the time the animation takes and zooming the camera to focus on specific areas. With the preview window you can do this very quickly and without the need to play your scene out.

Is there some kind of event system so I can sync in scene actions to the camera?
Yes. Camera Path uses the standard C# event system. I’ve included a demo script that outlines all the events Camera Path broadcasts.

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