Camera Path 2.x Quickstart Guide

Quick Start
Import the package into your scene
There will be a new entry under Gameobject called Create New Camera Path
A new game object called New Camera Path has been created
Select it and it’s inspector will give you the option to Add Point
Click on Add point twice and you have now created a new path of two points.

Camera Path is made from three things.
The parent “new camera path” contains the Camera Path Bezier Script and the Camera Path Bezier Animation script.
The first script deals with the mathematical creation of the path while the second controls the animation itself.
The child points use the Camera Path Bezier Control point which contain all the properties for that part of the path and the subsequent curve.

You can use the slider below the Animation Preview to preview the animation between these points at the specified time.
Adding new points will now extrapolate the current path positions to create points and extend the path.

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