Camera Path Animator – Change Log

Added Align Camera to Path Point
Added Toggles for Preview Windows
Added Store Point Modifier to help with accuracy vs speed of internal calculations
Fixed slowness on very long paths
Fixed Control Point Auto Set
Fixed Preview Point orientation

Added Align Camera Path Point to View to menu
Added editable fields to the point list – made sense right?
Added Unityscript example scene like v2.x
Added reverse control point values to GUI
Added point slider to points on curve
Renamed some scripts in the examples to avoid conflicting names – fun times
Fixed events not firing at zero percent
Fixed preview error on Unity Indie

Brand spanking new!

What’s New?
New Camera Path System – Everything is separated so you can freely add orienations or speed events at any point on the path
Brand new GUI system written making it easier to create your animation
New control point system – You can now split control points for more control over the curves
Interpolation options – Hermite, Smooth Step, Linear and Not Interpolated join Bezier interpolation for curve calculations
Event Points – Specify events that either broadcast C# events or call a monobehaviour method (Send Message)
Speed Points – You can now control the speed of your animtion within Camera Path natively
Ease Curves – You can now edit custom ease curves
Camera Path linking – you can link two camera paths and now interpolate between them like a single path.
Camera Path automatically registers if you’re animating a camera or another GameObject and changes behaviour accordingly

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