Camera Path Animator – Animator GUI

Camera Path Animator
Animator GUI

animatorGUIPreview Show/Hide toggles whether the preview window is shown.

Preview Window displays a preview of your path animation at a point specified by the percentage below.

Normalised Percentage Value displays the normalised percent at this percentage.

Animate Object allows you to define the transform you wish Camera Path to animate.

Animate Scene Object in Editor allows you to see a preview of the objects animation in the editor.

Play on Start toggles whether Camera Path begins automatically on scene load.

Animation Mode allows you to choose the behavior of the animation. You can choose once, reverse, loop, reverse loop, ping pong. Descriptions are included in the GUI.

Orientation Mode allows you to chose how the object is rotated through the animation. You can choose from custom, target, target transform, follow path, reverse follow path and mouse look. Descriptions are included in the GUI.

Normalised Path allows you to toggle whether the curve is normalised. This allows the animation to run at a constant speed rather than allowing the variation that comes with curve interpolation.

Animation Speed is the speed pf the animation. This is disabled if you define and enable the path based speed values.

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