Camera Path Animator – Camera Path GUI

Camera Path Animator
Camera Path GUI



Path Length displays the approximate length of the path.

Is Looped allows you to toggle whether the path is looped.

Link Camera Path allows you to specify a Camera Path that should play after the current one.

Interpolate allows you to toggle how this and the linked Camera Paths behave. If it is interpolated, the path will attempt to seemlessly merge into the next path. Otherwise, your animation will cut to the next path.

pathpointsPath Points edit the path points that define where to path goes

controlpointsControl Points edit how the curve is interpolated at each point

fovFOV you can define the camera’s field of view allowing you to zoom during an animation

speedSpeed allows you to define the speed of the animation along the path

delayDelay deals with adding points that will pause the animation for specified intervals

easecurvesEase Curves allow you to define how the animation transitions from stationary position like the ends of the path or delays.

eventsEvents you can add custom events that either broadcast a C# event or calls a specific function in a GameObject

tiltTilts allows you to define how the camera tilts in the follow path orientation mode

orientationOrientations you can define the rotation of a camera at points for the custom orientation mode.

optionsOptions contains some basic options for Camera Path

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