Camera Path Animator – Path Points GUI

Camera Path Animator
Path Points GUI

pathpointInterpolation Algorithm – Select between Bezier, Hermite, Smooth Step or Linear as a method of interpolating between path points.

Path Points List is a list of all the path points.

You can select each point.

Insert New Point adds a point between the current point and the next one.

Delete removes the point from the list.

Custom Point Name allows you to specify a custom name to be displayed relating to this point

Point Position is the world coordinates of the point.

Add Path Points starts the add path point mode. In this mode you can click on the curve itself to define a new point.

Add Path Point to End of Path will add a new point to the end of the path extrapolating the position and control points.

Delete Path Points enter a mode where you can click on the points in the scene to delete them.

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