Camera Path Playmaker Tutorial


Camera Path PlayMaker Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will cover the basics of using PlayMaker to interact with Camera Path Animator.

You will want to ensure you have a Camera Path Animator and PlayMaker objects set up in your hierarchy.

In the PlayMaker FSM Browser you can add actions with the Action Browser on the bottom right. Click on this button to open the Action Broswer.

You need to scroll down to the ScriptControl Action and highlight it to reveal six available actions. We will be interested in Invoke Method and Send Message. First, click on Invoke Method.

playmakerINvokeMethod Back in the PlayMaker window you have the Invoke Method action. Change Game Object to Specify Game Object. It will turn red and you must now specify a game object. Choose your Camera Path. Once selected, it will turn back from red to grey.
Next you must select a Behaviour. You can choose to target either the main Camera Path component or the Animator component. It’s more likely you’ll want to use the Animator at runtime.
Now you can select a Method Name from a list. See below.

You should consult the documentation on what functions do what. Most functions you can call and they will simply work. Play, Pause, Stop, Reverse all do what they say. Some functions like Seek require further data to be passed to them such as the percent you want to seek to.
Instead of using Invoke Method, Send Message would be more appropriate here. Select it from the Actions Browser

playmakerSendMessageSend Message will allow you to pass data to a method call. Consult the documentation on what kind of data a method needs before sending it. Seek requires a float between 0 and 1 to be sent.

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