Camera Path Third Person Camera Tutorial

Camera Path
Third Person Camera Tutorial


This tutorial will show you how to make a third person camera with Camera Path Animator 3.0 like the kind used in the God of War series or Crash Bandicoot. There are some bits of code to go through but it’s all quite easy, I promise!
You’ll find an example scene in this asset and you can play it here.

First we need a level to play with. I’m using the Angry Bots demo from Unity Technologies as it also features a player controlled character that we can use. We have this all set up already so all we need to do is get the camera to follow the player’s character along the camera path.


Create a new Camera Path Animator instance in the scene.

Next we need to lay out the path that our camera will take through the scene.

Then in Path Point mode pathpoints, click on the Add Points to End of Path to add more to the end. Keep creating and placing until you have all the points where you want them.


Next, it’s best to modify the control points in the Control Point mode controlpoints so the curve goes where you want it to go. Just select and transform the points like you normally would.

Un-tick the Play at Start option in the Animator component. We don’t actually use the animator in this example.

Create a new GameObject and attach the script CPEPlayerPathFollow.cs. This will control the camera in a way that we want. Assign the player, camera and path variables as the player character, main scene camera and your camera path respectively.

And now you’re done, the camera will follow the player through the scene while remaining on the path spline.

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