3.12 Camera Path Animator Release

iconA few major changes added in this release. It’s using MonoBehaviours now as a base so serialisation in Unity is better supported along with prefabs.
I’ve optimised the NearestPoint function in CameraPath so that it can take extremely long paths with ease.

  • Fixed serialisation issues so prefabs, duplication and copy pasting are now supported
  • Fixed NearestPoint function so it’s optimised and ready for 2D work with extremly long paths
  • Fixed CPEPlayerPathFollow so it’s more robust with looping paths
  • Fixed sliders – they work like hot butter now
  • Added 2D Demo

3.04 Camera Path Animator Release

iconPatches are starting to slow down now after the initial release. Feedback from customers has been very positive so I think this version is proving a success!


  • Added XML import and export to options tab
  • Added explicit point placement into inspector
  • Fixed issues with two point paths
  • Fixed issues with the orientation of the preview window
  • Fixed event trigger issues, rebuilt so it’s more robust

3.02 Camera Path Animator Release

icon Another two days, another patch. Getting good feedback from users about the new version and making changes accordingly.


  • Added Align Camera to Path Point
  • Added Toggles for Preview Windows
  • Added Store Point Modifier to help with accuracy vs speed of internal calculations
  • Fixed slowness on very long paths
  • Fixed Control Point Auto Set
  • Fixed Preview Point orientation

Camera Path Animator 3.0 – Released! Yay


So Camera Path Animator is approaching 3 years old this year and I can’t believe it was 18 months ago that I released version 2. I have been hankering to rebuild it for a few months now; you can only make so many point releases before the codebase starts to creak and your code looks…like I wrote it 18 months ago! Ha

So after taking on lots of feedback (I do read your emails) and deciding what it was lacking in my own vision I set about creating the new improved version. The core remains the same, Bezier interpolation has not changed for decades and things like the in editor preview remain important features.

Most of the improvements come in the form of how you edit the path. I wanted to allow more in scene editing as it’s more intuitive and faster to work with. I needed to overhaul how the animation system worked and for now have dropped time based for speed based animation. It needed a tighter GUI so that’s been revamped.

Events and speed changes are now integral to the system. You can also control many things outside of the path points that constrained version 2. Finally, I’ve given a lot more love to the example scenes, demos, videos and documentation included with this asset. There is a lot more flexibility now and I look forward to seeing what you guys create with it.

Check it out on the Unity Asset Store


BuildR – Version 1.0 Released

logo1 copy

Version 1.0 of BuildR is out in the Unity Asset Store! This is a big final release of BuildR. There will of course be further updates and some additional features, but I count BuildR now as feature complete.

The latest release allows users to generate building interiors which means BuildR can be used in more projects. It was a highly requested feature and one that I initially resisted as I felt BuildR should remain an exterior generating tool. I couldn’t ignore the requests and there were many! I’m really pleased with the outcome and I feel like the building come to life when you can visit their interiors.

Interior Building Generation

This version also includes an example of using BuildR to generate buildings at runtime. This was another highly requested feature and while it was always possible with BuildR since 0.5, an example will allow people to get started quickly.