Track BuildR

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A powerful Unity editor extension that allows you to create your own racing circuits within the Unity Editor.

Track BuildR allows you to generate a race track as you want it. Using procedural generation, you can create and edit the circuit you want and need for your game.

You can edit and preview everything within the editor and avoid having to run your scene after every tweak. The package gives you all the tools to build your dream race track within the editor.

You are given full control over the track, how the curves should behave, camber, tilt.

  • Easy to use
  • Custom built into the Unity editor
  • Create thrilling stunt tracks with loops, twists and jumps now supported.
  • Make realistic race tracks to push your players nerve to the limit.
  • Mobile and desktop compatible. Control how detailed your track mesh is easily.
  • Substance textures supported
  • Export your creations to FBX, OBJ and XML
  • Full source code included

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