Track BuildR Export


Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 15.41.06 Filename – Base filename used in generating files for this track.
Filetype – Models will be produced in either FBX or OBJ formats.
Copy Textures into Export Folder – Should the export process make a new copy of the used textures in the export folder for convenience.
Export Collider – Should the generated collider mesh be included in the export process.
Export Prefab – Should the export process generate a prefab. This is useful as all the positions of the track pieces will be maintained when added to a Unity scene.
Export – Export the track to the desired settings.
Export XML – Export a Track BuildR XML file that can be imported to another Track BuildR project.
Import XML – Import XML from another track BuildR.
Import KML – Import a Google Earth KML file for track generation.

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