Track BuildR FAQ

Where can I get Track BuildR?
Track BuildR is available on the Unity Asset Store to purchase.

What version does BuildR work with?
4.6 and 5.x onwards.

Do I need Unity Pro to use this asset?
No, it works with both Indie and Pro.

What does Track BuildR do?
TrackBuildR allows you to design and create racing track models within Unity without the need of a 3D modelling program. It allows you to specify a Bezier curve that will be used to generate a race circuit according to your specification. You can control everything including track length, curve, crown and cambers. Track BuildR allows you to create tracks with hills and chicanes.

Can I use code to create tracks at runtime?
At the moment there is no official support for this. However the code is is clean and there is a method to import and export XML data files which would be a good starting point in understanding how this would be achieved.

I have a cool idea/suggestion you need to add to Track BuildR
Awesome! The more requests I get for specific functionality, the more likely it will be realised.

Can I Make Tracks that don’t loop?
Yes. Track BuildR allows you to create tracks that do not loop.

Can I create create jumps and loops in my track?
Yes, Track BuildR supports full 3D track generation leaving your imagination the only boundary to your track designs.

How does Track BuildR work with Unity Terrains?
Track buildR comes with a simple toolset to assist you creating a Unity terrain to match your track layout.

Will Track BuildR allow me to add pit stops?
I’m afraid this is not supported.

What language is Track BuildR written in?
C#. There are currently no plans to port this to Javascript.

Do I get full source code?
Yes. You get every line of code so you can modify away! No DLLs.

How much does it cost?
Track BuildR costs $50.

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